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Viking Runecraft Bingo

Viking Runecraft Bingo is a very special Play'n Go game as it combines slots with Bingo. It is therefore perfect for those users who want to try something innovative and adrenaline-pumping at the same time. Moreover, there are also a number of special features that make it all the more fascinating, as we will see in the course of the next paragraphs.

How to Play Viking Runecraft Bingo Slot

As with any game, the first step is always to carefully determine the stake value. In the case of Viking Runecraft Bingo, however, you also have to take the cards into account. Before each spin, you have to choose how many cards you want to buy (from one to four) and, of course, the higher the number, the better your chances of winning. At the same time, the bet amount will also be higher. Then you will have to determine the number of chips you want to bet on each folder and their value. At the bottom of the screen, however, you will find the final bet so that you cannot make a mistake.

Once the game starts, 30 balls will be drawn and, if you want, you can also buy more if you are close to getting a high value prize.

Features and advantages
In Viking Runecraft Bingo there are no symbols, only numbers, at least in the basic game. Compared to Bingo, however, you don't just win by completing all the numbers on a line or the whole folder, but there are specific paylines with different prizes.

One of the special features, then, is that you can determine the speed of the balls drawn. The more hurried players will be able to get them all out in a matter of seconds, while for those who like the thrill and anticipation, there is also the option of clicking each time to draw them one at a time.

There are also a number of special features. Every time you manage to complete the entire perimeter of a folder, except for the three central boxes, one of the special modes is activated thanks to which you can win a prize of 1,650 times the initial bet.

Bonus symbols
As already mentioned in Viking Runecraft Bingo there are no symbols, at least in the standard game. There is, however, a special mode in which the game practically changes. We are talking about Ragnarök, which is activated by completing a Bingo with the first 30 balls drawn, during a game in which you have bet at least one coin on all four cards.
In this mode, the game changes completely and becomes a slot where the symbols are represented by the main Vikings, thus, Thor, Odin, Freya and Heimdal. These are also present in the simple mode and in the special golden mode that guarantee higher prizes.

Mobile experience with Viking Runecraft Bingo slots

Play'n Go is an excellent software provider and proves it also with this game available on mobile without any problems. You can play it on any smartphone or tablet and, above all, you will not lose anything in terms of quality and functionality. Viking Runecraft Bingo mobile, in fact, is practically the same as the desktop version.

Viking Runecraft Bingo Slots Free Spins or Real Money

If you have any doubts about Viking Runecraft Bingo, you can start playing in demo mode, i.e. with fake money, before moving on to real money. This, in fact, is definitely the best strategy to avoid disappointment.

In short
Viking Runecraft Bingo has an RTP of 96%, but its strong point is being able to combine two game types in one device. This is also why it is appreciated by so many players. Finally, there are also several special features that make the slot very interesting.

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