Italian Blackjack

In this article we are not going to talk about an online slot, but rather a game with a dealer connected via live streaming. To be precise, we are referring to Italian Blackjack Live created by software provider Ezugi. We will find out how the game works and what its special features are.

How to play Italian Blackjack Live

This gaming table has a live streaming dealer and is dedicated, of course, to Blackjack. Pay attention to the minimum and maximum bets as they start at 5 tokens up to a maximum of no less than 1,000 tokens per hand.

Of course, in order to bet, it is necessary to know the rules of blackjack in detail, bearing in mind that the dealer will have to call with a score of 16 or less and stop, instead, when he has a point from 17 upwards.

After placing the bet, then, the hand begins and there are a number of actions to choose from. In addition to deciding to call for a higher card or stop, it will also be possible to double the bet or split the cards, but only on certain occasions. Insurance is also available, which you can use to safeguard yourself against a possible Blackjack from the Banker.
In general, then, you play with eight packs of cards that are shuffled by the dealer manually and each time you reach the plastic card randomly placed in the centre of the deck.

Features and advantages
Among the main features of Italian Blackjack online is the fact that the dealer speaks Italian. This means that you can interact or ask for information, naturally regarding the game.
In addition to the classic bet against the dealer, you can also bet on side bets, namely Perfect Pair and 21+3. The former is completed when a player is dealt two cards of the same value and suit. There is also the Coloured pair when the cards have the same value and colour, but not the same suit.

With 21+3, on the other hand, you win if the player's two uncovered cards and the dealer's card make up a poker point from Tic-tac-toe, i.e. three cards of the same value, up to Suited Tic-tac-toe, i.e. three cards that are practically equal.

Bonus symbols
Since this is not an online slot machine, but rather a live dealer card game, there are obviously no special or extra symbols. You will only find the French cards dealt by the dealer. On the left side of the screen, however, will be the last point obtained by the dealer.

Mobile Experience with Italian Blackjack Live

You can also play this table at Ezugi on mobile. All you need to do is log in to the site and choose the game from a smartphone or tablet. It doesn't matter the screen size or the operating system, as the game adapts automatically. The rules will be the same, as will the graphic quality.

Italian Blackjack Live Real Money or Free

Italian Blackjack Live is a live streaming dealer game and, as is often the case with these games, there is no demo version. For this reason, therefore, only choose this table if you really feel ready to put real money on it. Alternatively, you can try a few games in software and demo version to gain experience, and you can always find them at NetBet Casino.

In short
The Italian Blackjack table is very classic and simple. There are no special animations or extra rules, but everything takes place just as if you were in a real casino, and with an Italian-speaking dealer. Finally, we must point out an RTP that is over 99.6%, which is really interesting.

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