Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt is an exciting game set in the middle of an Inca temple. When playing, you will have to choose stones of different values to place your bets. In addition, the number of selections is also decided before the animated Gonzo starts the payout feature.

A slot that takes you on a treasure hunt in the nooks and crannies of a pre-Columbian temple. This game has a lot of dynamics that were created to increase your winnings in each round.

How to play Gonzo's Treasure Hunt slot game

The exciting gambling game Gonzo's Treasure Hunt offers you a unique experience every round. The idea is to bet on matching stones that you then choose to reveal. Prize drops multiply their value. Each round is unique and your initial betting choices determine your path and fate of the game.

When you begin, you must select the stones you wish to find during the treasure hunt phase of the game. You have 6 unique stones of different colours to choose from. The more valuable the stone, the less likely you are to find it on the wall. This way, you can choose your own volatility without any problems. In addition to mixing up the game as you like, it is more dynamic than other pieces on the market.

Features and benefits
Gonzo's Treasure Hunt offers you an augmented reality experience with mischief and flexible volatility. Bet sizes are also adaptable, allowing players to adjust their strategy according to their budget. The game offers exciting prize drops and multipliers, plus the chance to win up to 20,000 for a single stone.

However, the RTP varies depending on the number of stones chosen. The same goes for volatility. For a low volatility game, it is better to choose lower numbers. 1 and 2 have the most stones on the wall.

Bonus symbols
In the search phase of Gonzo's Treasure Hunt, players must choose the stones they wish to find. There are six options available, each with its own reward. The Red Stone awards 65 times the player's bet. The Blue Stone awards 20 times more.

The Green Stone awards 8 times your initial bet. and the Purple Stone awards 4 times as much. The Yellow Stone doubles and the Grey Stone only 1x.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Slots Mobile Experience

The experience of playing Gonzo's Treasure Hunt on a mobile device is exciting and seamless, thanks to the smooth gameplay. In addition, the user interface is intuitive and the graphics are of high quality. This allows you to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. It works on any operating system and you only need a good internet connection to play.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Free Spins

In this live game, no free spins are awarded due to the fact that you are competing against other players. However, each spin offers the chance to receive a multiplier, which compensates for the lack of free spins.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt for Real Money

If you're looking for the adrenaline rush of winning real money, then this is the game for you. Always play responsibly though. Don't risk more than you can afford to lose. This way, you'll enjoy the thrill of the game without hurting your bankroll.

Key facts
Release date: 19 May 2021.
Software: Evolution Gaming.
Betting range: 0.1 - 1,000.
Bonuses: multipliers and respins.
Maximum winnings: x2,000,000.
Volatility: High.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the RTP in Gonzo's Treasure Hunt and how does it affect my chances of winning?
Up to 96.56%. A higher RTP means higher chances of winning.

What are the most recommended stones to choose in the treasure hunt phase?
The Red Stone and the Blue Stone, which give the highest rewards.

How volatile is Gonzo's Treasure Hunt?
Gonzo's Treasure Hunt has an adjustable volatility that affects the chances of winning. It all depends on the stones you choose.