Evolution Free Game

Evolution slot machine transports players to the beginnings of life as we know it, to a planet teeming with primordial organisms climbing the evolutionary ladder. Players may witness the start of life with the press of a button thanks to Wild substitutes, Free Spins, and the new and unique Evolution feature in Free Spins. Furthermore, the Evolution slot machine provides a unique gaming experience by having the reels rotate from bottom to top instead of from top to bottom.

How To Play Evolution Free Game Slot

Playing Evolution Slot is similar to playing other slot games. The method is the same whether you play for free or for real money. The main difference is that real money play requires you to spend real money, whereas demo play allows you to play with virtual money. Here's NetBet’s brief guide to playing Evolution Slot.

  • Step 1: Select your desired bet level. You may change it by clicking on the > or - buttons, accordingly.
  • Step 2: Select a coin value. You may also raise or reduce it by hitting the > or - buttons.
  • Step 3: Play the game by hitting the spin button and waiting to see if you've won.
  • You may skip these three steps and start playing the game right away. To activate all paylines and put the most significant possible bet in one spin, click the Max Bet option. There's also the Autoplay option. This allows you to sit back and watch the reels re-spin on their own. The number of times the reels re-spin depends on how many spins you want. You may change this by hitting the Autoplay button and choosing your preferred option.

    Features And Benefits

    The Evolution slot machine has five reels, three rows, and 25 paylines. Pretty standard, right? What is out of the ordinary here is that the reels spin upwards from bottom to top, which is not something you see every day in a slot game. 

    Another unusual aspect of the game is the symbols, all represented by the most bizarre creatures you can imagine. We probably couldn't even conceive them, but NetEnt's creators did. Lower-paying symbols include Crustacio springum, Jellocus squidae, Jellocus finnum, Primo blobulus, and Blobulus astrum, all of which are single-cell organisms. 

    Higher value symbols include highly developed animals such as squirrels, snails, and mice. Albus slugus, Bestla dentum, Basilisk hairicus, Draconius rex, and Basilisk pluma are the names of these species. Match symbols successively along the reels in order to win a prize. It's as easy as that. 

    The Wild Bubble symbol can also appear on the second, third, and fourth reels and replace with the other symbols.

    Bonus Symbols

    The first feature is the Wild, symbolized by the dice with red lettering, also known as the Olympus Key. This is the most critical symbol in this slot since it also serves as a Scatter. To begin, it will swap for all other basic symbols on the reels, except the Evolution special symbol, while still paying out a minimum of 0.40, 4.00, and 20.00 / maximum of 10.00, 100.00, and 500.00 when three, four, and five matching symbols are landed.

    Evolution Free Game Slot Mobile Experience

    Evolution Slot, like other NetEnt Slots, takes advantage of the company's cutting-edge One-Touch feature. This feature allows users to quickly play all NetEnt Slots on the go, using their mobile devices. The casino includes an accessible play mode to make it even more enjoyable for casual gamers. This, paired with smartphone compatibility, allows you to play the game no matter where you are.

    Evolution Free Game Slot Free Spins Or Real Money

    The Evolution Free Spins feature is another bonus feature in the game that is triggered by three or more FREE symbols that resemble fireflies flitting about the letters. When three or more of them appear anywhere on the Evolution slot reels, it will trigger the Free Spins feature. Three Evolution Free Spins symbols trigger 10 Free Spins, while four symbols trigger 15 Free Spins. Twenty free spins are awarded when five Free Spins icons appear.

    Quick Facts

    In this evolutionary slot, NetEnt demonstrates its skill at creating unique and original games. The idea is undoubtedly impressive, and it should appeal to a wide range of gamers. The visuals are superb, as is customary for NetEnt, and have a stunning 3-D look. Every symbol has been painstakingly created, and each creature appears to have its individuality. Play this fantastic video slot at NetBet Casino today.