In the igaming world, you can find many different versions of the classic casino game Blackjack. Each of these variants has special features and very generous rewards.

Blackjack Pulse is a sophisticated game that adheres to the rules players are familiar with. It has an RTP of 99.40%, which holds up if you play with basic blackjack strategy. It is played with eight decks of cards and you can only play one hand at a time.

Participants can only split once. The dealer does not check if you have blackjack if your face-up card is a ten.

How to play Blackjack Pulse

iSoftBet's Blackjack Pulse game is an experience that will be played by you alone in front of the computer. Each participant has their own instance of the game, so there is no multiplayer tool. For this reason, there are also no timers for placing bets.

After pressing "Deal", the round continues in the iSoftBet Blackjack slot. The computer is in charge of dealing and drawing 4 cards. Two for the player and two for the dealer. The first one drawn by the dealer is visible and the second one is placed face down. After this step, players can stand, split or double down.

Splitting in iSoftBet Blackjack is only possible if both of the participant's cards are a pair. "Double down" draws one more card and ends your turn, and when you finish playing your hand, the dealer will show his second card. If necessary, the computer may also draw more cards up to seventeen or more.

Advantages and Payouts

One of the most striking advantages of Blackjack Pulse is that you can take all the time in your play. Deciding how to proceed during the round has no time limit and that gives you a slight advantage over its live dealer counterpart.
If you win a round you get a cash prize of 1:1. There are only two exceptions to this rule. The first is that if your first two cards have a score of 21 that is a straight blackjack win. In this case you get a payout of 3:2.
The second exception is the "Insurance" bet. In this alternative you will be offered to play this bet if you suspect that the dealer has blackjack. You win the "Insurance" bet if the computer has exactly twenty-one with its first two cards.

Blackjack Pulse Mobile Experience

Blackjack Pulse's HTML5 and JS configuration makes it available for any mobile device. This beautiful and elegant game gives you a very realistic experience. To enjoy it you don't have to download any extra applications, just good connectivity and a desire to win money while having fun.

Blackjack Pulse Real Money Blackjack

To get the rewards you want, all you have to do is invest the money you have and place your bets. Play responsibly and don't play beyond your capabilities. The idea is to have some fun, while generating real money.

Key facts
Software: iSoftBet
RTP: 99.40
Game type: Blackjack
Covers: 8
Blackjack Payout: 3:2
Insurance payout: 2:1
Betting Range: 0.10 - 10
Volatility: High

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I play Blackjack Pulse on my iPhone?
Of course you can. This game is available for any mobile device with any operating system installed.

What happens if either side beats twenty one on Blackjack Pulse?
In the event that either side goes over twenty-one, they bust and lose the round.

How much does the Insurance bet pay in Blackjack Pulse?
Winning the insurance bet pays 2:1, but means you lose your original bet.